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Double Deck Bus

·         FE model creation

  • Static analysis
  • Fatigue analysis

Transrapid TR09

  • Cabin FE model creation
  • Analysis under aerodynamic loads
  • Body FE model creation

Software Development:
automatic static and fatigue MS computation of connections

  • Visual Basic for Application
    (Excel macro)
  • Read results from Abaqus outputs
    (multiple files read)
  • Selection of elements groups
  • Multiple load cases processing
  • Load cases combination
  • Output formating for reports
  • Satic analysis
  • Fatigue analysis

SBB tm23 Locomotive (Ameise)

  • FE model creation
  • Static and dynamic analyses
  • Detailed stress analysis of the critical parts
  • Structural modifications definition to meet the UIC norms

E464 Locomotive

  • Detailed stress analysis
  • FE model results checks
  • Static load test definition (load cases, instrumentation)
  • Test predictions (displacements, stresses)
  • Test results evaluation and interpretation