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Swiss F/A-18 – Recertification



Technical Lead

·         Methodology development
(lifing policy, analysis and scatter factors definition for crack initiation and crack growth analyses, statistics to assess test and fleet finding(s), risk analysis, damage tolerance, residual strength, fail safe analysis)

  • Analysis team support
    (team know-how build, reports checking, methods development and improvement)
  • Analysis
    (detailed FEM build, damage tolerance with complex stress intensity solution development and R-curve approach to define critical crack length)

Swiss F5 – Fleet Support



  • Development of F5 Analysis Manual for Crack Growth
  • Damage tolerance analysis methodologies development
    (stress intensity solution development, continuing damage analysis, R-Curve approach)

·         Damage tolerance analyses

Pilatus PC-24 – Development and Certification



Development Phase

·         Static analysis methods development support

·         Fatigue analysis methods development (automatized clocking analysis, stress concentration in countersunk, stress gradient around cutout, stress gradient interaction)

  • Damage tolerance analysis methods development (critical plane analysis using clocking approach, out of plane stress intensity solutions, stress intensity solution development using FEM)
  • Center fuselage and wing structures design development support

Certification Phase

·         F&DT analysis and reporting of pressurized center fuselage structure

·         F&DT analysis support for wing, cockpit and rear fuselage structures

  • Testing support
  • Detailed FEM build support

A350XWB Winglet – Development




Stress Lead

·         Methods definition for composite and metallic primary structure

·         Method definition for detailed FEM build of bolted joints

·         Fatigue and damage tolerance analyses of metallic parts

·         Technical support of a team of about 10 engineers for global FEM build, sub-models build, static analyses of composite and metallic parts, F&DT analyses of metallic parts, etc...

Swiss F/A-18 – Fleet Support


  • Tools and methods development (VBA and Python)
  • FEM & DFEM models build
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance analyses (spectrum, crack initiation and crack growth)
  • Development of preventive modifications
  • Development of repairs
  • Development of safety by inspection programs

Pilatus PC-9 - Support

  • Aging aircraft survey structural engineering support:
    - Modifications
    - Life improvement
  • Analysis:
    - FEM
    - Static
    - Detailed stress
    - Damage tolerance

Aircrafts and Helicopters
Modifications & Accommodations

  • FE models build
  • Analysis:
    - Static
    - Detailed stress
    - Dynamic
    - Damage tolerance
  • Galleys
  • Seats
  • Medical accommodations
  • Antennas installation

Satellite Power Unit Cooling System Accumulator

  • FE models build
  • Design optimisation
  • Analysis:
    - Static
    - Detailed stress
    - Dynamic
    - Random vibration
    - Fatigue
    - Damage tolerance
       (ESA standards)

Pilatus PC-21 - Certification

  • Tests plans
  • Tests reports
  • Control systems internal loads
  • Interface loads
    (VT & HT to Fuselage)
    (Canopy to Fuselage)
  • FE model checks
  • Stress reports

A380P - Outer Fixed Trailing Edge

  • Design development of structural components
  • Design optimisation
  • Static, normal modes and buckling analysis using FEM
  • Nonlinear FEM analysis for ultimate strength assessment and post-buckling behaviour prediction
  • Detailed stress analysis
  • Fatigue analysis of critical components (strain-life)
  • Damage tolerance analysis of critical components
  • Development of a method using the FEM for bolted connections fatigue analysis (ICAF 2003)
  • Stress lead for certification (team up to 5 engineers)

F/A-18 Full Scale Fatigue Test

  • Wing loading concept validation
  • Load path assessment within structure
  • Over- lower-testing assessment
  • Detailed analysis of critical areas and load introductions
  • Design and analysis of the dummies
  • Development of fatigue guidelines
  • Crack initiation analysis of critical areas
  • Crack growth analysis of critical areas

ISSYS-Integrated Self-protection SYstem

  • Structural integrity of the components
    (sensors assemblies, chaff/flares spender, support structure)
  • Structural integrity of the helicopter structure
  • Dynamic behavior